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Apr 14, 2004
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St Lawrence Bay, Essex
Hi all had client in today who wants to book her mum in for set of nails she tells me her mum is a nail biter but also since she has been going through the change her nails have become thin flaky and constantly splitting. I did tell her that without seeing them i did not know if it would be ok, i know u can do n/biters nails but bit worried bout thin flakiness is it ok to do them after doing consultation or should she have regular manicure first to try and strenghthn them up a bit

I would suggest that you invite her in for a consultation first as you must see her nails before diciding how long to allow for the appointment.
If her nails really are in a bad way I would suggest that you do regular manicures and educate her as you go, suggesting lots how she can improve her nails with good homecare advice. You may even sell her some of your strengthening products, cuticle oil etc.

Hope this helps
Jane x
Thnx Jane was going to do that but just wondered if any other suggestions
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