Black/grey ombre methods


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Nov 15, 2014
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I just wondered if people could give there methods on achieving this colour.
I have a client base colour is bettween a 8 and 7 with bleached blonde hair and about 2-3 inch regrowth.
Now she wants the grey black ombre look I really want to do one. I know I have to completely get rid of yellow times so will be using a violet toner and then going in with my grey semi. my question is the black roots. Now I am obviously fine adding the black to the natural regrowth but I will need to pre-pig some mid sections won't I as other whys the black will go a horrid murky colour!?! but I would like how do I achieve the really nice clean look of the black just fading into the blonde because if I have to pre-pig it will be very
difficult to achieve I will attach a picture of what client wants. I do also feel this client should not have this colour as she is a serial offender of trying to go from brunette to blonde and obviously we will struggle to lift the black out when she changes her mind she is also a teenager so her bank balance won't be able to afford the colour correction when she wants to go back blonde. Sorry I'm going on. Anyway I would just like too hear people's techniques on the black grey ombre. Thank you
Ps the second picture is what she wants.
Hi sorry to bug but would really like to hear others techniques and methods on achieving this and colours they would use out of interest, and to see of my idea on my method is any good!?! Thanks

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