black lines on nail plate


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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
hi all hope u have all enjoyed the festive season!!! i have just attempted the quizzes again but have stumbled across a question which i can hinestly say i do not know the answr to!!!! what are black lines on the nail plate please do tell me!!!!!! i have seen this a hand full of times from clients that all came to me from another salon. I honestly did not know what it was, i thought it could have been like a blood blister type thing or a form of mould so i alway manicured rather than using acrylic til the offending black line grw out!!! Call me thick call me stupid but in all the training i have done i have never ever been told about this!!!!
These little black lines are splinter hemorages caused by trauma to the nail plate.

The blood seeps into the grooves of the bed epithelium and looks like a splinter or splinters.

If you see this it is not a contra-indication and you do not need to wait for it to grow out before applying an enhancement.

Neither is it caused by a technician from another salon ... but usually a small injury like catching a nail and pulling it back.

And just for the record ... there is no such thing as 'mould' on nails. Read up on bacterial infections and you will find that mould is not a human pathogen and does not grow on living bodies!! So 2 things cleared up at one time I hope.
they could be splinter hemmorhages (sp?) Were they growing out like little vertical black lines? Might be that.

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