Black to blonde or blonde to black for ombre hair?


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Mar 15, 2012
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I'm having a nightmare with a client who is determined that she wants dip dyed extensions. She's about to have a set removed which she tried to have bleached at the ends (her hair is no1 jet black) They were fairly low cost extentions and of course they didn't change colour at all, just fried basically!:eek: After chopping about 6inches off she manageds to get another 12 weeks out of them phew! Anyhoo, she wants a new set now and is determind to dip dye. Should I suggest that instead of bleaching she buys blonde extensions this time and dyes the top? Only thing is though, will the hair under the bond which is obviously blonde be really obvious against black hair?:confused: Help me please! She's driving me crazy lol. I can't find anywhere doing dip dyed in prebonded nail tip so it'll have to be a home made job whichever way it's done! Any advise would be great xx
Type in bi colour hair extensional abs sensationalhair. Com I think it's called comes up they have nail tip 1# and blonde
That's meant to say type on google bi colour hair extensions and sensational hair comes up and will take u straight to the dip due nail tip hair x
I did this with my own extensions, I bought a platinum blonde weft and dyed the top dark brown, worked great for me!

For nail tips, I personally would buy a weft, dye it, and make nail tips myself. Time consuming but worth it in the end! x

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