Bleach and Black disaster


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I'm having a small, self inflicted disaster here....
I usually go to the hairdresser every month to highlight my hair. I have straight, fine and ashblonde colored hair. In the beginning it looked perfect, complementing my cool skin tone ...however my hairdresser started to color the aftergrowth insted of making thin bleached highlights. In the end the whole hair was butter yellow .....

So tired of the hairdresser not listening or understanding what I ment, I decided to take the matter into my own hands ...not very clever ... I bought Black dye and dyed it .....however it did'nt color the whole I did it again.... now I have mostly black hair....

but I really hate it.... So my question is .... can I go back to a more normal blonde looking color from this (Ofcourse I'll let the hairdresser do it this time..) or will bleaching it down from black ruin the hair comletely?


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To be honest I'd find yourself another hairdresser and ask them to look at it. They will have seen all sorts of hairmares before and will know what can be done to your hair to put it right. xx

Jeni Giles

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take pics of what you would like your end result to be, it may not get there on the first try and you may have to go through several stages of "ugly" (not what you wanted, but liveable) Check with a stylist and see.