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Nov 30, 2005
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Hi Geeks
Its been ages since I worked in a salon and needed help with this, my hairdresser friend says you mix the bleach with peroxide then add shampoo and then apply. Anyone know the ratios? or any other help. I am needing to lighten the ends of a client who wishes to go lighter. So I am going to take out the colour on her ends enough to add a tint back in. Thanks
Hi Paulette~

I would use water with the bleach instead of developer first. And stand over it and watch it every minute as it can seem like it is moving slow but before you know it, it will be where you want it.

Just enough water to make a nice consistency. not too thick but not running like water.
yes i thought it was water, or at least a low peroxide (developer) and then dilute that with water, wasnt sure where the shampoo came in to it! Ill try with the water first thanks jd.
Our "formula" is 30 ml (1oz) 10 vol (3%) 30ml warm water 1 scoop (most scoops are 30ml) ammonium persulfate and 15 ml clarifyling shampoo. Basic White Bleach is our usual choice as it is pretty straight forward- but any powder bleach will work.

We use a bowl to mix it- I'm mean, my students don't get to do things that can be replicated at home- there isn't a tint bottle to be found in our color cupboard.

At the shampoo bowl,wet the clients hair apply mixture only to area needing to be lightened, work to a lather and WATCH carefully. The whole process will only take 5 to 7 minutes.

A bleach wash or "soap cap" is generally used to sensitise artificial pigment and will lighten 2-4 levels. It removes natural pigment as well and should be used carefully. There are no cosmetic finishing agents in ammonium persulfate powder and the hair will be more prone to damage.

A service like this is a prime opportunity for an upsell of at home care products and a salon moisturizing/condidtioning service.

Hope it all works out-
Just wondered if anyone else has used a bleach bath and other info? or different ways of mixing it ? Thanks
welll....? hmmm other than using a color remover what Jeni has posted is quite correct.
But as I said, I usually start out using water first to see if it comes out enough. My thoughts on this is " Why blow the cuticle open more with a developer if you don't have to."

So have you tried it on this client?
We haven't used a bleach was, with just warm water, mixed with peroxide or any other way for ages....Then I'm not sure who put the clairol or revlon on sale at the grocery but they should be SHOT!!!

4, yes 4 in ONE DAY!! We were literally in bleach baths to our eyeballs!! 1 with just water, only needed to take out a little green, 2 with 10 volume, water and shampoo- needed to go 2 levels and the last- REVLON (EVIL NASTY STUFF) wouldn't budge with 10 volume and water, we went straight 10 volume and shampoo 3rd attempt finally broke through enough of the "medium ash brown" (really looked like elvira for halloween black) to give the client a more flattering shade of brown.

On the flip side, we had a great retail day, lots of home care products and all 4 chose to upgrade the service with a deep conditioning treatment!
:!:oh! someone remind to ask my collegue at work what new product she used on a client last week!!! We usually prelighten using a colour bath, but she was testing out a new product on a client who had a base shade of 4, she applied the one colour which i can not remember what it was called:rolleyes: but it lifted 5 shades without the need of prelightening or colour baths and did not dry out the hair... it looked natural and both stylist and client were happy with result.... :lol:Excellent advert for the product I know!, but not much good to you without knowing what it was that achieved this fantastic colour! :smack:Sorry, i will find out later this week and let you know!

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