Bleach Flashes with Darker Tint advice


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Jul 31, 2010
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I have a client who had bleach flashes put through her hair and then the rest tinted brown.

She's looking for the same again and this is the first time I've done this where the bleach sections are so big.

She doesn't want as many flashes this time which is fine but when I apply the tint over the rest how will this affect the bleached sections as they will surely come up different from the rest of the hair.

Any advice on how to best achieve this?

Thanks x
hey hun, what depth is the brown that you are putting on?
hey,depends on the brown your putting on,the depth if it has any warmth to it,as just a natural tint would be come out a bit dodgy i think,maybe on the lighter pieces left out you could put a semi on them,depends on the colour your putting on,if it something that you cant put on the bleach pannels maybe explain to her it mite be slightly different then the allover colour, ie warmer etc,but will still look great,and blend in with the rest,hope that helps a little:)
hey thanks for the reponses ladies!!!

I have explained to her that the colour might be a bit different but I would try my best.

Because of the gold tones in her hair currently (which she hates) i thought about a 6.1 or 6.01 and pre pig the bleach sections first to put some warmth back into them with maybe even a mousse for speed?

She's adamant she hates the warmth so wouldn't like to use a .3 or anything similar.

What do you think?
Oh No. The girls just came back to me to say she wants a plum with blonde flashes now arghhhh.

I can't see how that would look nice and how easy it would be to do with the bleach already in her hair.

Is it just the same principal with a different tint now?

Help please lol
I think you'll be ok with a redy plum colour, as long as youve got some red tone it there you'll be ok! just make sure the blondes properly covered. its gonna fade quicker than the rest but not a lot you can do about that. xxx
be careful cos if ur puttin a red/purple on the bleached bits it is very possible that it will come out pinky,
i was a bit concerned with plum/red with bleach flashes incase it faded too quickly or worse bled onto the bleach.

Im sure that happened to me once.

Was then thinking what about a reddy brown as a first off and see how that goes?

Any ideas?
be careful cos if ur puttin a red/purple on the bleached bits it is very possible that it will come out pinky,
hey sorry to but in as long as you mix base colour with it you will be fine ...I would advice her to do it slowly for example 1/4 ..4.20 3/4 base but do half and half on the bleacked bits or as you say even pre pig with a semi 1st xx
thanks guys ive managed to talk her out of it for this time and stick with a brown phew!!!

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