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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi there,

Can anyone tell me what grade of file I should be using to blend tips?

I don't think I'm getting it right.


I like to use the 180/240, you certainly don't need a higher grit. If you're familiar with Creative products it's the Outblack. It's a thick cushioned file.
By higher I mean lower of course! :D
Nothing coarser than a 180.

Just having a moment when I wrote that last night.....
Thanks Jane,

I'm gonna check the grit grade on all my files and have another go at putting some tips on a friend on Thursday.

What sort of tips are you using Karen? If they are full well then cut or file the well out. That reduces the amount of tip that needs blending. Some makes of tip blend better than others. Creatives tips are easy little blenders!
I personally always preblend slightly after sizing and before applying. After the tip is applied first file across the area of the smile line then across the well. This works very well for me.

I use a 180 and a 240 file, you can also cheat a bit by using either tip blender or a small amount of acetone, makes filing alot quicker lol

best wishes
Thank you!

I've been using tips with a cut out well. They were recommended to me by someone. I had a free sample in a 'try me' kit and thought they were quite good, but I was disappointed when they arrived. They looked like the mould had not been level while the setting had taken place, so one side was thin and the other side fatter. :( It's only a small difference, but well, you know it's those small things that make all the difference.

Think I'll try and order some Creative tips next.

Oooo, do I sound like a 'workman blaming his tools'???

Thanks for the help,

Kx :rainbow:
I haven't blended a tip in years. I do mostly sculpts, but, when I do the tip thing, for some reaon, I put it on tbe very end,or very low on the F/E.
Buff & put on Ac. It never shows any way,under the white, so, why waste
all that time, filing. Unless, I have done some thing wrong here. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Barb :silly:
life is to short to blend tips :D .i cut /file out the well and apply .weather(spelling :? ) im doing natural look or pink and whites.
That is really interesting that some of you don't blend!

Think I'll have a practice on the nail trainer and see if it works for me!


So if you are not blending, but just gluing the tip on, do you not get a line where the tip is? or do you completely cut out the well & kind of make your own 'well-less' tips?

I am looking for anything that will help reduce the time I spent blending!!
this is what i do

i use the velocity(spelling could be wrong here) from cnd

and file the well out, into a kinda smile line :!: :?:

hold the tip and file at a angle to get a nice smile line in the tip and stick it on .dont no how to describe how to do it better than that :oops:

im sure mr geek will :D

then i stick it on and it gives me a nice line to follow for the white ,when ido pink and whites or gives me a nice crisp smile line if im doing natural. had loads of compliments on the natural look which im wearing.if i had a camera i would scan in the way i hold the tip when filing the well out
So when you design the well of your tip, do you take it all out?

i leave a tiny sliver of well :D
how do i complete a pink and white look using gel if i cut out the well area
of mt tips ? can this be acheived [/img]
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