Blimey! What a difference a day makes!


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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Well.... when I woke up this morning I had no idea what today would bring! I have been sharing salon space with a hairdresser and well... it hasn't been working out as I would like so I told him today (he owns the salon, I rent space from him) that I would like to move out by the end of this week and go mobile for a while and set up my spare room as a make-shift salon, he was just fine about it but his wife....!!!! said I was to hand the keys over there and then so had to move ALL my equipment and stuff out this afternoon! My front room looks like a bomb site! All my regular clients have stuck by me (thank goodness!). Now the hardest thing I have to do is choose a new business name as obviously I can't call a mobile business 'The Nail Salon'! So... any ideas??? Jxxx
Hi Jo Jo,

Sorry to hear about your bad day!!! :oops: Chin UP!!!
I hope things work out for you.

About your new business name...........................why not have a look through the yellow pages and get a feel for the type of names in your area.Then pick something really different and catchy and something that no one in your area has got. ;)
What about JO.NAILS.JO??
Anyway hope you find something!

Candy :D
Are people funny or what!!!! lol
its probably a blessing in disguise and fate....just think the only person you have to answer now to is you and at least you have a loyal customer base.
there was a big discussion/post thread on naming recently... just try and think of the image you want to create. I started as Funki- Fingers, i was just doing nail art .... kinda sumed it up... then when i did my gel course i wanted to attract a different set of clients as well so i went for The Hand Sanctuary which conjers up a classical feel (i hopeanyway) one that would jump out at a millionaires wife (oh i dream) and also encompass someone looking for nail art...oh well that was my perception of the name.......
what about Hand Haven or hand Heaven or simply The Nail Room.

anway good luck dont forget you have 24/7 back up here @ geek station
Thanks ladies! I really like The Nail Room but Tracey nearby has that one covered so perhaps the Nail Haven.... I like that.... I drove my boyf bonkers last night with this one :D he came up with 'Go Nails' but I'm not sure about that one :? Jxx
Well after racking my brains all night and all day I finally decided on 'Totally Nails by Jo'.... not the most original but no-one near has the same name and it serves it's function!! Have set up the home salon now and it looks really good! Phew what a day! Jxxx
I really like The Nail Room but Tracey nearby has that one covered

Thanks Jo! ;)

Good Luck with everything, I'm sure its a good move because now you can use good old l&p! :)
I had the same done to me when I was in my first shop, so I know how you felt. At least you have your clients and now you only have yourself to worry about. I hope it works well for you
best of luck jo :D

collette xx
You guys are the best! :flower: Thank you soooo much for all your support! I feel SO much better now I have my own space and can do what I like! I feel like after 6 months of uncertainty it is all coming together now, I have found the right product (CND) and supplier (DN) and my clients have remained faithful through this change (thank goodness!!!). I feel like finally I can enjoy this ride!! :D after wasting alot of money on the wrong products, the wrong training and the wrong location, I just wish oooohh so much I had gone with Creative in the first place! I estimate I would have saved myself approx £3k!!!! :shock: but I found my way eventually!!! Now if anyone tells me they are thinking about getting into nails I just tell them to go Creative and not mess around! Jxxx
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