Blue hair to brown


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Sep 15, 2010
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Does anyone know the best way to cover faded blue hair, its washed out to blonde bits with green bits and my client now wants to go a light brown
Sounds like you may have to bleach bath out the green blue tones first. Then you will have to pre-pigmentate the blonde hair before applying your target shade.
thank you the greens came from the faded blue, her hair is in such bad condition its just snapping but obviously she cant walk about with hair like this
I am a professional thanks, I have just never came across someone with blue dyed hair, i was hoping there was another way round other than having to do a bleach bath as her hair in a bad way.
You may be able to use a quasi on it, depending on the strength of the hair after the protein treatments.
Try bleach and water make to pouring consistency. It removes tones, I removed faded pink from blonde easily!
I would leave well alone putting anything on it if its breaking off. Sounds like it was over bleached before she had the blue so why should you be the one to take the flack if it breaks off even more as she is bound to blame you! Lots of conditioning treatments and trims I would suggest.

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