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becca boo

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Aug 17, 2006
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the states
Hello Geeks,
I have been googling and can not find anywhere or anyting that has educational tutorials/info on body wraps. All I am finding is loose weight loose weight buy this product buy that product. What I am looking for is different tecniques used for wraps, everything from aroma,clay,detox,moisturizing/hydrating, bangages, linens, scrubs. Just trying to see more of whats out there. There are so many for nails I figure there has got to be something.

Thank in advance
Becca, I have some info from my Spa therapies course. If it will help I will photocopy it and post it to you.

PM me your addy etc and I will get it out this week to you if you would like it.

Just let me know chick.
Any chance of posting some of the information here - I have searched for more detail and hit the same wall as Becca. I would be really interested in the science of how wraps work, the explanations I have had (even from companies distributing products) are at best vague, and at worst fiction!:Grope:

xxx sugar xxx
I'll do a deal with you Joe90,

if you post some info on body wraps, I'll post some too. It would be good to refresh and look at it from someone elses teaching/prespective.

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