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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire

I just had to tell you all that I have booked my FDFC today :D :D :D
yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....I can't wait.

Feb 10th can't come soon enough :D :D .

Well done! What a great start to the new year!!
well done u!!!

i booked mine this week too, i am going to master them acrylics if it the last thing i do...

Vicky :D

Thanks guys. I was just wondering what I should wear & take on the course (note pad & pen essential but what else???).

I am going to do a coundown chart on Excel in a while so I can cross off the days (82):shock: .

Geeg, why do we have to take a passport size photo?

Bye for now,
Hiya Sharon.
well done for choosing a great course to do, you`ll have a great time.
You need to wear salon uniform and take a pad and pen and a smile, the rest will be there for you.
The date will soon come round once grimbo is over
Hi Debs,

I was wondering wether or not to wear my uniform....I feel a lot more professional when I put it on (you should see what I wear to work as a 'Logistics Administrator' :( ).

I see booking this course as the start of my 'Great Escape' tunnel :? , Iam so unhappy in my present job, but, can't quit because bills need paying, family needs feeding...............

I just hope that I can 'pick up' L & P because at present I only work with Bio Sculpture gel :shock:

You can wear your uniform though it isnt a requirement. Smart casual is all that is required ;)

You shouldnt have a problem picking it up. Remember that most of the attendees have never even blended a tip before.

nJoy... it's a lot of work but a lot of fun.
Hi Geek,

Thanks for taking the time to help me 'feel at ease' I really appreciate it. You could say that I am 'champing at the bit' to get on and do the course. How much 'homework' will I have to do (so that I can get hubby to do the chores!!!).

hiya sharon :D
you will have a great time!
your passport photo is so that your educator can attatch it to your reg. form, & for future ref. they will know for sure who you are! :oops:
as for homework, you will have to finish your tip application & blending on evening of day 1, & L & P application & finishing on evening of day 2.

between day 3 & day 4, you will have practicle homework to do on your trainer & your revision for your test on day 4 :shock:

it's a lot to take in but the best fun :D

look forward to it!
liza smith creative educator for kent.
Hi Liza,

How long each evening do you think the homework will take me? I need to know so Paul can be prepared to eat 'Take away' whilst I am training. I could do with a rest from cooking the evening meal now & again ;) .

Is it worth me getting the 'Nail Structure & Product Chemistry' book?

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