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Nov 17, 2003
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Hi guys!!

Well ive just booked myself on the three masters classes and the masters qual in october and in well excited!! I wondered if there are any master techs out there who can perhaps give me a run down of what to expect on each course, and what is involved in the master qualification class? I just cant wait for the info to arrive from essex, I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!! LOL!! Also do i need models for each class or just the final qualification ?? Help, any info will be gratefully received!! Thank-you!

Michelle xx
What to expect..............well...............
A lot of learning, hands on doing and then going home and practicing what you have learned... Read and revise your notes and then do your thing on the day...............
It's hard but it is great !!!!
Hi Ruth,

Will I need a model for each of the three classes and one for the master class? The reason im asking as I am doing the courses up in Loughton, and will travel from the Isle of Wight for each one, so will need to try and arrange models? OOHHH its so exciting! Im really looking forward to them, Im ready to go forward in my career now, I want to be the bestest of the bestest, so am just so excited about it all!!!!!

Michelle xx
Hi ya babe,
Best thing to do is call Loughton and ask, they might be able to help you with the model finding..........
I found working on a human hand much better and you will do your Qualifying set on a live it is best to keep it real lol........
When I did mine, Nicola shared her model with me and on qualifying day you will need one for your one hand sculpts and one hand tips and overlays.........
But call Tracy L and speak to her.
Hi Ruth,

Thanks agin for your advice, you truly are a little gem. Anyhow, regarding the model issue, i have had several lovely, lovely geeklettes who live in or around essex volunteer to be my model, so if i do need one, they are there, bless them all there a real babes!!
Thanks once agin.


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