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Georgie Porgie

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Apr 6, 2003
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Utah, USA
Hi all. I have a few nail techs wishing to booth rent from me.(my salon is nails only) Happening so fast! :shock: lol
I am hoping ya'll can give me some help here. What is the best kind of contract to use? What are the do's and don't's? I have found a few articles about the subject, but some are conflicting to the others, so any input ya'll have will be most appreciated.
Also, besides the "facts"... as booth renters... What makes you happy? I would like a good working environment in my salon.... so tell me any ideas you have that makes ( or would make) you want to go to work at someone else's salon every day?
It sounds cynical, but what makes people happy is getting paid what they think they are worth for their work!! Number 1. And having the respect of their co-workers and the BOSS.

When you rent space to others, it is a 'two edged sword' ... there are pros and cons like anything else.

While you as the boss maintain control, the salon environment is how YOU want it to be ... when you rent space to others, they can change all that in a heartbeat with out strict controls .... you will find it hard to enforce those strict controls within your salon as soon as you rent space out because the LAW says, they are now working for themselves within your space and as such can pretty much do as they please. Things like deciding to come and go or not turn up at all for work ... talk about unsuitable subjects in the salon that YOU wouldn't necessarily do. Take 2 hours for lunch .. use what ever products they want when you perhaps want to be branded as a 'xyz' salon etc etc. Perhaps they want music and you don't.

Usually it is the 'little things' that make it go sour on you. My advice is be careful in your choices and if you can have a contract whereby the person agrees to you maintaining some measure of control then you're on the right path.

The Upside is that you get a regular income for doing not too much which helps pay the rent etc.
Hi Georgie,
I can't speak for the american both renting, don't no much about that, but here in England I do.
I have had some interesting experiences as a renter.
Cant speak for an owner but can speak on behalf of a space renter.
You want something that is fair and right for both parties.

I rent space In a Tanning shop and have done so for nearly 10 years, and this is how it works for me.
I am fully aware that the shop is hers. She is fully aware that I rent a space in her shop. So we both have rights.
Her right is to ask for me to blend in and not to do as I like.........
sounds harsh, but it isn't.
The shop has a format so to speak a certain look, so I have to adapt my station to that look.
The key factor in this is, renters need to know what you expect and they need to know what they can expect from you.

Opening hours, Uniforms if you have a preference for that. (I do, so I wear it regardless), amount of rent, retailing, products( who buys what and who gets what.) Technicians are not happily borrowing from each other without their consent.ASO

So I think a good chat and a pen and paper are needed here. Oh yea and copious amounts of tea, coffee or what ever .
You as the shop owner set a standard, they as technicians will have a standard too and if you can agree on terms write them down and make it into a contract. A get out clause for both parties, minimum notice code of conduct.

At least you are in the Nail business and know whats what, I had to deal with a business woman, who just knew how to run a tanning shop and knew nothing about nails, and I had to make her see that I am a business woman too, no matter how small my space is, it is still my business.

We had some problems just in the new year, because she is a franchise owner and the francise regulation was prohibiting me to have Nailsinlondon2 at one of the shops. We now know it was because air exchange and local licensing law would prohit us to work in there. To dark, to stuffy, unhealthy..... which I said all along. So Faye got relocated, the owner got re-educated in how my business works and so far so good.

hope this helps
Love Ruth xxxx

Love Ruth xxxx
hi fiona and girls...ive been watching this section as i am looking for a room to rent from july time...ive got to go look at 1 next week in a hair dressers...what should i be asking the owners? i want to rent the room thurs fri and sat to start with...and still be mobile beg of week...what is the law on renting space etc, what rights will i have???? do any of u know...
Vicky 8)
hi ya Babe,
Well you should ask for what you want lol and then meet half way lol.

If you are renting a space, you become in loose terms a tenant or sub tenant. You will have tenants rights, like access to your work place.................
It is always good to get things written down in a contract.....The word contract scares most people but, it protects your right and their rights.

So in a contract goes anything that you would like to clarify as your rights and demands, or the owner wants to clarify and demand.
It should be formaly worded, checked out by a solicitor and then signed by both and witnessed by an independant party.

You will have to sit down and think of what you want and expect from the owner and his responsibilties towards you and your business.
A good starting point is rent, then access to phone( usage of phone for business use) opening hours, agree days with subject to increase on your behalf should you get so busy that you want to be in the Salon full time.
Just a few pointers , I hope this helps
happy negotiating
love Ruth xxxx
Thanks for all the input ladies. I really appreciate it, and I think I have finally come up with a contract that I hope to be friendly to both parties. I am faxing it off to the lawyer in the morn for review. Wish me luck! lol
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