Boyfriend refused treatments in salon?


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Aug 3, 2013
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Hi guys!

I'm a little peed off if I'm honest, my boyfriend enjoys a little pamper now and again especially if he has been working very hard in his workshop etc. he is millions of miles away from camp, but he works hard and his body shows it so Now and again he enjoys a face mask, his cuticles doing, nails filing down, his wild brows trimming and the odd stray plucked.

I normally do this for him but I thought it would be nice to pay for him to have a mini facial, a 'manly'cure - lol, his brows doing etc. I walked into two salons yesterday and they refused to do it saying beauty is for woman and they don't touch men!? Are they being serious!? Is this normal in the beauty industry?

He is looking a bit rugged. He works with cars etc. and I thought it would be a nice treat for him. (Although I wouldn't mention it to his mates - I think that would be banter down the pub for a few weeks lol)

I refuse to do men unless they are with a woman but I am mobile so it's a bit different as I would be alone with them in their house. In a salon with other people around for a facial etc I would have thought it would be ok though? Perhaps they've had bad experiences?
My place is female only too as I'm currently working alone and that's the reason I give - think it's ridiculous that they said it's because beauty is only for women, book him in elsewhere :) x

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I only offer female treatments and I'm mobile too.

I think it's ridiculous to say beauty is only for women but this is probably the one and only service where you can decide for yourself who you want to treat.

I hate saying I only treat females as it makes it sound like all men are sexual predators, when that's just not true but for me it IS a safety issue as I'm going into people's homes. Although I'm aware that's a bit of a joke in itself as any situation could arise even if I'm going into a woman's house.

I do have to say that I have done male spray tanning, normally these are done with pamper parties and spray tan parties or as a couple booking to have a spray tan done before their holidays.

However, I have been asked by men if I do mobile spray tanning and on those ocassions they've then gone on to ask if I would do them naked. Again not to tar anyone here but as mobile therapist I would NOT feel comfortable going to do a spray tan on a naked client and the only crank calls/emails I've received have also come from men...

It's sad really that a few people spoil it for others.
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I didn't treat men when I was mobile, but now I have a salon, I'm more than happy to welcome gents through my door.

Some places will clearly only treat women, but I think (hope) it is just bad luck that the places you have been don't!

Keep looking x
As I work mobile/ home based I only do male family members due to working alone and security.
But my friends salon has at least 20% of male clients she's based in a very popular gym and would never turn males away, infact thats where I send any who have asked for treatments.


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I treat male clients at my salon and often the guys that come in tell me how they've been laughed out of other salons. Bit sad really. We all have skin, hair and nails that can benefit from treatments.

I can understand how some therapists can feel uncomfortable treating certain clients, but it's not only men that can cause problems...
If I had a treatment room I would, but like the other ladies here I'm mobile. It's a safety precaution. I have male clients, but they were recommended to me by my female clients (their grandsons, sons, brothers, uncles, friends, cousin and ems). Most of them were treated by me pre-special occasion, and have kept up with regular appointments.
I'm introducing male treatments in my home salon and am more than happy to welcome any respectful and nice clients in regardless of gender.

I understand with the mobile therapists the risk but think that the same precaution should be taken with every mobile single booking.

It is a shame that you are not near to me as I would have more than welcomed your partner in for a treatment or two. I do a special 'de-sanding' package for clients who are returning from exercise or op's.
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I think male treatments are perhaps a big more acceptable where I am. However you do get salons that look and cater towards women only. Men probably wouldn't want to go on to them anyway. What we have a lot of here is barbers and unisex hairdressers offer treatments such as brow grooming, male manicure and sunbeds. But I know a lot of men who go to have treatments such as facials,waxing, IPL, massage and endermologie in larger salons and clinics. Where are you based ? I know a few in London x
Jeez not all men are potential rapists! I think it is pretty sexist to refuse men on the grounds that they have a penis. The male grooming market is freaking HUGE!! If I did beauty I would certainly want a bite of that pie. I had a gent in last week who is in his early 20s, straight and frequently visits Ragdale hall for a bit of a pamper. He calls it Manscaping

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No, not all men are rapists but I CHOOSE not to put myself in a potentially dangerous situation and my partner agrees. It's my choice.

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I'm introducing male treatments in my home salon and am more than happy to welcome any respectful and nice clients in regardless of gender.

I understand with the mobile therapists the risk but think that the same precaution should be taken with every mobile single booking.

It is a shame that you are not near to me as I would have more than welcomed your partner in for a treatment or two. I do a special 'de-sanding' package for clients who are returning from exercise or op's.

I love this! My partner always comes back in a hell of a mess, his hands are to worst, all dry and calloused. Good for you :)

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As has been said on here before - this is one area where we can actually choose whether or not to treat men - or ladies!

Remember if you do choose to treat men, does your skincare adapt to a male skin? Are your ranges suitable for a male clientèle, or are you just doing men with all the same things you use on ladies?

I will offer ladies intimate waxing - I'm certainly not going to adapt that to men - 'Oh it's just the same, just a bit different' - I think not!!!

If you offer treatments to men, make sure they are suitable, or adaptable.

If you choose not to treat a certain gender, your choice x
Sadly men often do get this kind of treatment at times in a few salons even here in London I have clients that tell me amazing stories about the way they are often treated. Fortunately it's often only a few places that treat male clients in this way.

One client booked in for a full body wax and the salon accepted his booking but the therapist in the room said she would not do intimate waxing on a male client so sent him home with body hair in the shape of a pair of boxer shorts! Needless to say he came to us to have the rest of the hair removed and has since become a regular client...
It's little things that make clients feel uncomfortable , I have regular manicures and pedicures and one salon refused to buff my nails at the end!
Telling me that it did not look very manly!!... After choking on my latte I declined the offer a free extra stamp on their loyalty card as they were not able to buff my nails and took my business to another salon who are really nice and I go there every four weeks.

In my experience male clients are often very loyal and generally very easy clients to deal with.

I have a treatment room and happily accept men, though I don't do male intimate waxing.

I have worked in salons who don't accept men, only accept men recommended and salons that don't mind xx

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Have to agree with Jack! ^
My salon is gender neutral and I am at a 70% male/30% female for the most part. I realized that all around me men were getting turned away and I feel that is discriminatory in a way. I love the no nonsense approach of the male grooming population! They trust my professional opinion, and follow the aftercare better than women. They are very easy to retail to and are much better tippers on the whole. They really are loyal as clients if you treat them with the same respect as the rest of your clientele, and they whole "freak" incidents where it turned out that they wanted possibly more, 3 times since 2004!! Hardly acceptable to tar all the gents with the same brush :(

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I don't think anyone is tarring anyone. If you choose to treat men, treat them. If you choose not to, don't!

We have all had experiences in life that put us where we are today. I worked from home for many years, and chose not to treat men. At no point did I think all men are rapists, I just would not have felt comfortable. My treatments at that time were geared a lot more towards women, and the facials I did certainly weren't suitable for men! I then received abuse from a man because I didn't offer male intimate waxing - I didn't offer female intimate waxing either, but received no abuse for that!

All of the women on here who choose not to treat men have made a choice, that is all.

There are also male therapists who choose not to treat women. Their choice!
I would happily be present at the time and I was going to book my self in for treatments my self. That soon changed. I understand safety issues for mobile clients but these were big salons. I wouldn't have minded if they said there's only a couple of girls on that day and due to safety issues etc, it's just the way they said beauty is for woman!? Well I think that's ridiculous. I have done a mans hair extensions before - are hair extensions only for woman? I know all aspects of hair and Beauty are mainly focused at woman. I managed to book him in else where :) it's a salon situated in a gym so I'm guessing it's more man friendly. When I called a man picked up so I knew my luck was in! :) lol xxx
As a male this is something I have come across a few times, I think an easy thing to do would be to have men only days or times and charge an extra £7 or £8 to pay for have a chaperone in the room, your sister, friend or your mother, If its an intimate service they can sit on a chair at the recipients head that way they can hear whats said but not see too much, or have them in the room as an assistant or observing trainee. Or when they are booking the treatment ask if its ok for a chaperone to be in the room if they say yes you shouldn't really have a problem if they no then be careful. I would never object to a third person being in the room for a treatment of any sort, I wouldn't like the chaperone to be a male, for the simple reason I think a lot of them would consider themselves to be there as security guards or bouncers and when they think that it builds up their aggression levels. There are a few other things that could be done as well to make yourselves safe which are not hard and don't cost anything. Mike.

I don't think any therapist should be wary of a client who refuses a chaperone in the treatment room. Perhaps they don't like spectators.

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