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Oct 19, 2003
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Need your advice here please guys....

I'm a CND Master Tech and have 10 years experience, but, never in that time have I had someone with sooo many breakages in such a short space of time.

Did a set of enhancements a week ago and at the request of the customer did the length she asked for (in my opionion too long!!!), I did advise her to go a little shorter..but no...she knew best! I was more than happy with the quality of my work, they looked lovely, but (again, in my opion) were too long to be practical.

The next day...SUNDAY!! I got a text from her to tell me she had broken her thumb nail.....I sometimes think people think we are on call 24/7...I didn't rush to fix it that day like an emergency doctor on-call! ha ha.

I booked her in on Monday and repaired it. Again I reiterated she would be better to take the length down a little shorter to make them more manageable. So she agreed. (still got about 1cm free edge).

I asked how it broke...the answer??? She just looked and it was gone!! :rolleyes: I'm not saying I doubt this lady, but....

Anyway.....2 days later, got ANOTHER text to say she had lost her other thumb nail, so I squeezed her in (inbetween a chocka-block 11 hour day!!) to repair it, and when she turned up, she had 5 broken all-in-all.

Of course I didn't charge her, as I guarantee my enhancements for a week, as I am really confident they won't break...this is a first in my experience so I'm asking for your help and advice on the following:

1) The breakages were cracks at the side of the stress area, does this confirm it's the length that's the problem? (my mix ratio was spot-on).

2) How can I politely ask her to call the salon to book in for repairs and not text me at all hours 24/7.

3) When do you draw the line at giving free repairs, when you don't hink it's you who is at fault?

Any words of wisdom would be really appreciated, as it's knocked my confidence a bit now, and being a sole nail tech in a hairdressing no nail tech colleagues to bounce the problem off.

Thanks guys

Jenny - Nails x x x
Jenny - you gave her your expert opinion by telling her you thought the length was too long for her - did you get her to sign anything??? :idea:
You have done your job fine, problem is, they ARE TOO LONG FOR HER which is why she is breaking them left, right and centre!! If you are unsure, make them sign something - Example:

NAME OF CLIENT has been given expert advice from JENNY-NAILS a CND Master Technician of JENNY NAILS SALON. NAME OF CLIENT has chosen to ignore this advice due to personal preference. JENNY-NAILS is not responsible for any problems incurred!

This of course a rough draft but you will totally get my meaning - if this had been done, you wouldn't have the problem you are faced with at present although I would suggest you nip it in the bud ASAP!! Hope this has helped some!!:)
Hi Jenny,

I have a form that people sign along the lines of what Sam has said. I say I guarantee my work provided they adhere to my advice and follow my after care. On this occasion she has not followed your advice or probably aftercare, so the guarantee would be void.
Hiya Jenny,
How is it that some people wont listen to your opinion :mad:
You are not responsible for nails snapping off, When the client has gone against your advice, about the length of their enhancements.
If only these people would listen in the first place.
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