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Doug Schoon

Chemistry Geek
Mar 24, 2004
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Dana Point, CA
Hi Everyone,

I was very happy to read in a recent thread about how many of you are supporting the fight against breast cancer. Congratulations on all your efforts! Creative Nail Design also has a long history in the fight against this killer disease. For nearly twenty years our company has been involved in fundraising for this important cause.

One of the most personally rewarding experiences I've ever had was on the annual 3-Day Breast Cancer walks that are held in several US cities each year. The Creative Cure is the name of our walking team. This will be our third year doing the walk in San Diego. Our team walks with thousands of people over three days, walking 60 miles to help find a cure for this terrible disease and to end it forever. It is so inspiring, because everyone on the walk is inspired! If you ever have the opportunity to walk in one of these events, I highly recommend that you do.

Each year our team has grown and we hope this will continue. In fact, if you're interested, we're recruiting! Our team is walking again this year and each of you has a personal invitation from me to join the Creative Cure team and walk with us. Of course, you'll have to be in San Diego, California from October 1-3, 2004, but we'd love for you to join the team and walk for a cure. It's a great cause and lots of fun, too. Each team member is required to raise their own donations, but we'd love all interested nail technicians to walk with us and support this incredible cause. If you would like more information about the 3-Day walk and the Creative Cure, please e-mail Marti at [email protected]. Marti's the laboratory manager at CND and she'll be happy to give you more info. To find out more about the walk, check out

I hope to see you in San Diego!


Doug Schoon
V.P. Science & Technology
Creative Nail Design, Inc.
Great to see people doing their bit for Breats Cancer. A friend of mine was recently told she had a lump and had to have a biopsy. Thankfully as she caught it early , she has had the lump removed and is fine.

I'm all for making people aware of what you can do to help, shame i can't be there as live in the UK so abit far, but i totally support all you guys who are doing the walk.:D:D
The walk sounds like fun. And I would love to go to San Diego. But it would cost me so much, so I might as well donate the airfare instead. :)
Oh thats Brill It makes me so happy to know that there are plenty of people out there helping to raise money for this charity!!! My grandma will love to hear this after suffering herself with the disease. I am trying to raise money too by doing breast cancer awareness nail art. Every little penny counts!!! I Know that it won't be a great deal but I want to be able to help in some way through doing some thing I love and thats nails!!! My Grandma has been a very strong positive person throughout her ordeal and I really look up to her for her strength. Good luck everybody on the walk and well done for doing such a good thing for charity pluss getting fit LOL sounds good :green:
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