Bridal hair picture-can you help?


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Eliza Doolittle

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May 1, 2006
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Can anyone advise on how to achieve this style please? I tried it but didnt know what to do with the top section of hair once I had created the height at the top.... Thank you! x


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I think I'd take 4 sections, 1 each at the sides 1 for the height at the top and a nape section, back comb nape and top sections, smooth out nape bring up and cris cross grip, smooth over top getting the height you want then bring it down to where you've gripped, tuck under tidy up and smooth then bring one side section over and grip then the other over and grip ( this will cover your grips on that side) then do the same with the other side, grip then cover grips with the decoration, I can see it but my explanation prob isn't clear enough :| Make sure you sections are clear so you know where your going, keep it smooth and spray x
Make sure you have a mirror in front at all times to check height! its uneven in the pic and this is obvious in wedding pics. no bride wants a wonky head!
Thanks Girls! Much appreciated- I will go and try that out later x

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