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Jun 4, 2003
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Hi everyone,

I have been asked to do a set of nails for a bride (my first bridal nails) :o I am not sure yet if the bride wants something simple and classy or some fancy nails. I just want to know if there is a website or if any nailtechs can recommend polish colours they have used Creative or other. Or any designs you find popular with brides, dont mind airbrushing.

I just hope she does not want any 3d nail art as I am still practising (would not want to try it out on someone's special day) :o

Thanks in advance.

Cutie :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
I find the most popular bridal nails are very understated. Recently most popular has been a simple french with a coloured star to match either the bridesmaids colours or the flower colours - with or without rhinestones.
I love this time of year, im wedding nails mad, which is quite funny as im going through a rotton divorce! :|

From the simple french, which is always very popular, you can add rhinestones, (lilac is flying out the door at the mo) flatstones and baby pearls. Its great to co-ordinate the colour scheme, so do take the time to find out what the bride wants before the big day. Its a good idea to have a trial run through so everyone is happy.

I like little heart transfers in gold or silver, just for the ring finger, then do a little more on the bridesmaids. You can also include mum of the bride and groom and before you know it, you have a new lot of clients! :lol:

Dont forget to consider the honeymoon, what will match the different outfits, are they swimming a lot, she will need top coat and cuticle oil. You may even need to use a little nail glue to make things like striping tpae and stones last longer.

Hand painted flowers are really sweet, little ones on the ring finger for the bride, and a little one on each finger for the bridesmaids.

Sorry, im rambling now but i get a real buzz of helping to make a brides special day, that little extra special!
Hiya you have probably seen my web site but I have a photo album on there of nail art too among others. One of the albums shows some bridal nail art which I called wedding bows take a look, the design has been very popular. :D
Hi Chocolate

I've just read your posting and you should never apologise for being enthusiastic and helpful :)

Funny you should mention using glue on the striping tape coz i find that it doesnt last that well. How on earth do you manage to get the glue on such a thin area tho?

Caz xx
I like the pink and white look but not using a normal white use the creative mosaic glitter white it looks great and maybe an airbrushed flower on top
Hi as new to nails i have only done one set of brides nails, another set next month, have picked up great tips on how to achive perfect set of nails, i also use white glitter for the tip which the bride-to-be loves, when perfecting this lokk will be bit more adventrouse and try rinestones
Use a resin bottle nozzle, (still fits most glue bottles) to apply a tiny blob at each end of the nail, lay your striping tape down on it, then quickly wipe with a cotton bud (careful for the fibres) or a lint free wipe. Always make sure your striping tape is cut a wee bit in from the free edge to help prevent lifting. You can also stick a rhinestone on the end to help to! :biggrin:
Thank you all so much, some really great ideas, I will be trying all of the suggestions out before the actual day.

Chocolate, no need to apologise, I find your reply really helpful :biggrin:

Bye for now Cutie.
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