Bright neon coloured hair dyes/sprays


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Aug 7, 2012
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Hi all im doing a project for my level three and i have an idea or rainbow colours is there anything i can use like a spray or chalk thats really bright and covers well yest washes out? Please advise many thanks :)
There brighter on blonde hair x
Sprays can make hair very stiff, so unless you don't mind that I'd stay away from those, loreal have just brought out a line of hair chalks, as other poster said their best on lighter hair, although with a good application the blues come out fairly bright on darker hair xxx
Forgot to add...what about coloured clip in hair pieces? Xxx
hi thanks for post and suggestions i have to do a cat walk competition for my level three and really want to go all out. So coloured sprays would be ok as im wanting something wakey just for a few hours and coloured hair extensions are a fab idea i could attach with micro rings whilst im trained. I didnt know loreal had brought chalks out ill have to look and understand about on blondes maybe white blonde extensions with chalks thanks all :)

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