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Jun 10, 2003
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Hi every one
I was very lucky this week and managed to get on the brisa gel conversion at Salisbury also met fellow geek denni hello denise it was nice to meet you.
The conversion was great its the first time i have ever used gel and i found it quite tricky doing the pink and then the white. I have not got my lamp yet so i cant play with it. Has any one else done the whites first? the set of nails i done on my modle were a bit grim so its going to take lots of practise doing those smile lines. I do like the way it self levels but we had to share a lamp as mine was not sent through and poor sarha's bulb had broke so by the time we had to wait for each other the gel had moved lol.. Im not complaining I only booked it on the tuesday and the conversion was thursday.I was booking to go to M/Keys to do it in May so i was lucky as there was one place left in Salisbury, whitch is like 10 mins up the road from me. I should get my lamp next week some time. So i can then practise. So any advise on which way round you find the best will be much appreciated
Thanks very much njoy the rest of the w/end :)
Just thought i would say hi caren, i was there too i was sitting next to deni!

I havent started practising yet but i definatley need to, to perfect those smile lines!!!

Nice to have met you

Lisa xxxxx
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