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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Can I use glitter or gems to set into the Brisa gel? Ella
Yes you can set gems into Brisa Gels. Make sure that they are set on top of the first coat of cured Sculpting gel so that nothing inteferes with the covalent bonding of the product to the nail plate.

Can I over cure the product? Ella
It is almost impossible to overcure Brisa Gels. Special photoinitiators in the product are designed for slow curing (which is why it is essential to use only high efficiency UV bulbs in the Brisa UV Lamp). Brisa Gels will not become brittle or yellow with age.

Will the product be harmed by the use of sun beds? Ella
Sunbeds will not affect Brisa Gels in a negative way.

To convert a client from l & p to Brisa, do I need to remove the l & p or
can I just perform a rebalance with Brisa?
There is not a technical reason why you could not perform a rebalance over L & P with Brisa Gels. Estheticaly the appearance of the finished nails will not be as beautiful.

How do I clean my Brisa UV Lamp? Ella
Clean the interior and the bulbs of the Brisa UV Lamp regularly with a soft dry cloth. New Brisa UV Lamp Foil Liners are available to purchase if they become contaminated with cured product.

What is the difference between bonder & primer? Ella
Brisa Liquid Bond creates a covalent bond between the product and the nailplate for ultimate retention. Covalent bonding with Creative products is patented technology from Creative Nial Design and is unique.
Traditional primers create a hydrogen bond between the product and the nail plate which is not as strong.

Can I use this product to do a permanent french effect on toes? Ella

Can I use Teflon forms witrh Brisa Gels? Hollybaloo
If using anyother type of form other than the Clear Performance Form or other clear form, you must remove the form after the first cure and then cure again in the Brisa UV Lamp.
yep, all what Gigi says is what Ive found since using the Brisa gels which i bought at Olympia when it was launched.
Brisa is so versotile, great to do rebalance and fabulous for sealing in beautiful nail art and gems. All my clients love it and so do I.:green:
Is there a secret to filling l&p with brisa? When Ive done this, the gel peels off!
I love using Brisa gel but would like to know if any coloured Brisa gels will be launched in the near future? I did ask sometime ago and was told to "watch this space" but so far have not had any up date.

I have had a lot of my clients ask the same question too!



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