Brisa Paint On White


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Debbies Gellies

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Oct 24, 2004
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SE Kent
Hi Geeks, do you use the brush that comes with Brisa POW or do you use your own brush?

How do you do your smile line with POW?
It would be interesting to see how many of you have your own

i use a dotting tool, and draw the white on, i take the right amount of white from the brush with the dotting tool
hth x
I use a separate gel brush for my POW, I take it off the brush supplied and onto the back of a handsdown pad.

oh thanks guys, interesting replies. I found POW so think, I will have a go at both ways you mention. Angie, what do you use to swipe your smile line ? do you use a cleaned brush? I tried this but found it hard as POW is so thick, but then I did not do 2 thin layers, emm will have another play.

Anyone else do anything different or would like to share tips. Cheers!
I do my POW smiles as per Angie's link, I use Nailfresh or Scrubfresh to neaten my smile line if needs be.

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