Brisa Smoothing, do I have to buy Brisa base and top too?


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Sep 10, 2015
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Hi guys, can i buy the smoothing gel without the brisa smoothing base and top? Can i use the cnd ordinary base and top with it? Want to buy it but not sure if i must buy whole system.

Tia Paula x
I like to use it as a whole system but if you are using with shellac for instance you would use shellac top coat not brisa topcoat ....whatever product you use Over the gel is the topcoat you use to match that product hope that makes sense x
You will need the base coat regardless, and like diamond girl said if you are applying shellac on top then you would use shellac too coat. However if you plan on offering the smoothing gel as a standalone treatment then 100% you will need the base and top coat xx
Does anyone use the brisa topcoat to do on shellac I have 2 bottles and it just sits here
Does anyone use the brisa topcoat to do on shellac I have 2 bottles and it just sits here

I use the brisa topcoat to do over the smoothing gel but if you use shellac you should use the shellac top coat my lovely

Or do you mean just with shellac and not the smoothing gel? I have used the brisa topcoat with shellac when I run out of shellac topcoat and it was fine x
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I've used the brisa top coat on my colour wheels to use it up.
If you are using Vinylux or normal polish over the smoothing gel, I think (if I remember my training correctly), you will need to do the full BSG system as well as top coat , remove tacky layer then apply Vinylux/polish then V/polish top coat.
Great idea to use the BSG for colour pops.
Thanks I will use it on my wheels!
Diamond girl I did mean just using Shellac not brisa lit ! Thanks!

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