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Jan 11, 2003
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Can Brisa be used on pre designed nail art tips?
hmmmm - I guess maybe it would depend on the opaqueness of the tip!! Geeg - HELP!
as you know you need three surfaces to apply the brisa gel to (liquid bond, inhibition layer and a rough (180) surface).

If you apply to a 180 layer you would have filed the design away, so I would prep, apply the tip, apply gel bond and continue as normal (only using the clear gel).

I have done my own "predeisgned tips" and done it in this format and it has been fine . . . .

My pre designed tips are clear formation
I use Brisa with pre desinged tips and here is what I do............

Take the shine of the pre desinged tip, a light and even buff will do this.
Prep nail, using a 240 Koala to remove shine from the natural nail plate........ones in direction of nail growth..........
Adhere the tip using gelbond

Use the brush on gel bond only on the natural nail, avoiding the pre desinged tip
Appy one thin layer of clear Brisa sculpting gel cure for 2 minutes, this bases the tip
Apply second layer of Brisa clear sculpting gel , building your apex , I do this one finger at a time and freeze it for 10 seconds and when I get to the last finger I cure all 4 for 2 minutes
Fill any low spots with clear sculting gel, cure 2 minutes
Buff and seal with sealing gel capping the free edge..........

Using the clear Sculpting gel like you would on a normal tip and overlay...........Opaqueness of a tip would only be a problem if you are using the white the UV light wouldn't not be able to penetrate successfully through the opaque tip.........
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