Brow kits to retail


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Hi everyone,

Haven't been on here for soooooo long :eek:

I just wondered if anyone retails brow kits and if so where do you buy them from ? I have seen some in Sallys but the RRP is over £20 and I would prefer something under that.

I have sent so many clients to the benefit counter to buy the brow kit that I feel like I'm missing out !


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I found Love make up at my local supplier and it is awesome. It comes with a small brush a lighter shade and darker shade as well as a brow high lift. It comes is 3 different shades light/medium/dark.
The best part is that my clients love it and I retail it at $13.95 CDN. Can't beat that price point no matter where you go.

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I love the brand beautiful brows 👍

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