Brow sculpting with gel


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Tracey Brillbird

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Nov 21, 2015
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Hi, I'm looking into training with Ultimate brows, they do 3d gel brow treatment where they paint on the hair strokes. Just wondered if anyone does this kind of treatment and what feedback they can give.
would love to know more!..anybody? x
From what I know it's a cosmetic gel which is waterproof and comes off only with a cleanser. However much similar to the regime of topping up with. Brow palette but a different consistency. I guess the advantage for anxious customers may be temporary. However Spmu is always a better option for longer term if suitable to the individuals health history and patch testing.
Flirties are starting this treatment in February and already a lot of interested people booking on to the course
Sounds the same as Lola Brows. I trained in it recently. They are great. The finish feels like your brows are coated or held in place with hairspray.

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