Brush contamination or self tan?


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Jul 3, 2011
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Hi all sorry another brush question I couldn't find in search 😞

I did my friends nails forever French with CND retention liquid and powder.

On consultation I noticed her nails were yellow and she said she had been using the daily moisturizer with self tan in it.

I performed prep, and applied form to
Little finger, scrub freshest again after fitting form and created my first nail. I was convinced it had a yellow tinge but my friend couldn't see it. I went on to create the next nail and was convinced it had a yellow tinge. I did a couple of tester beads and went on to the next nail. After is created the 3rd nail I looked at my tester beads and there was a yellow tinge on the paper the bead was sat on. So I thought it's either the yellow tan coming off into my liquid or it's
Contamination. I broke into my spare brush with fresh Monomer to complete the set and really scrub dressed all nails before application. Tester beads all fine.

All the nails looked fine after finish filing, and. Text today confirms the first three are not yellow. Was this just the tan contaminating my liquid or could the 1st brush already be contaminated?

Thank you xx

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