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Apr 28, 2003
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When training your brushes, what shape does everyone train their brush to be, is it pointed, paddle shaped or something more peculiar
I had started to try and train my brush into a paddle, however I have since realised that I use it pointed for picking and placing a bead; pointed for pushing my white into my smile line corners; and paddled when pushing, smoothing and sealing. I have therefore come to the conclusion that my poor brush is somewhat totally confused!!!

When I drain it at the end of a client I train it back into a point. This seems to work for me.

thats exactly what I mean. My poor brush is well confused too. I feel I have more control over it when its paddle shaped, as when its pointed its got control over me. I shape it into a point when I`ve finished but the poor thing (and me) doesn`t know what its doing. I thought you got the best from your brush if its trained but how can we train it to be 2 different shapes
YOur brush should go to a point naturally whether or not you use it for a paddle or want to use the point.

Training the brush is not about paddle or point, but about always flattening the brush on the same sides so that the hair is always straight and not twisting.

So paddle or point makes no difference and your brush will not be confused. Just always wipe on the same side. you can store in a point or not, the point will be there when you need it.
Thanks for that, I thought it was important to train your brush. You`ve made it so much simpler for us.
Thanks for another post on this topic, Geeg! I posted one a couple of weeks ago since I got a new Pro Styler head for my Masterbrush. I have trained it as per your previous post. I am having trouble with swiping on the exact same sides. I have tried to use the lettering on the brush as a reference point, however, as I am working on a client, I seem to be rotating my brush in my had without knowing it. When I look down, my paddle shape is now formed 1/4 turn from where it originally was. Looking at my paddle shape, that I form when putting brush to bed, I see that my hairs are twisting like you said!!! They are kind of diagonal if you know what I mean.

Any tips on how I can stop unconsiously doing this??

You're the greatest, Geeg!! We need you in the USA!!!
I know exactly what you are doing as I have seen it so many times so don't think you are alone BUT the problem is easy to solve although I'm not so sure it is easy to explain so I'll just get started and we'll see what happens!! ;)

When you train your brush to have a flat side (2 actually ;) ) the reason why the hairs twist is because you are twisting the brush as you work from the middle to each side and back again and not keeping the flat side of the brush facing the nail.. :?

What you must try to do (and see in your head as I explain) is to keep the flat side of the brush always facing the part of the nail you are working on and only paddle straight up and down whilst pressing the product into place. You will need to rotate your brush in your fingers while you work to do this first to the left and then to the right but always keeping the flat side of the brush facing the nail. Then smooth over the whole zone you are working on first 1, then 2 and 1 and then 3,2, and 1..

It's kind of like when you were a child and made sand castles! If you wanted to smooth the top of your castle, you had to paddle straight up and down gently onto the sand. If you twisted your spade and hit it with the side, you dented it or knocked it down.

If this doesn't 'click' with you, then let me know and I'll try to think of another way to explain it that will.

By the way, some people put a mark (maybe a small bead of polish) onto the place where they place their thumb or index finger to act as a reminder of where they hold the brush -- the lettering idea is good too if it works for you.

The sand castle bit really hit it home for me. I totally understand what you are saying. The tip about markin the areas where your thumb and pointer finger go is an excellent one!! I think that will work better for me than using the lettering on the brush since I don't usually look at that end of the brush too often.

I will give it a go! Thanks again for always having the answer to the question!! :thumbsup:
Thanks Geeg!

I gave the brush an old workout today and your tip worked like a charm! Actually, my nails have never looked better!! Thanks again for the tip!
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