Bubbles in acrylic


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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Hi folks,

Did my FDFC last week and have come across a bit of a problem when doing my homework :o . The acrylic looks fine until I start doing my 'dust lines', there seem to be tiny bubbles in the overlay. How do I prevent these?

Depends on if the bubbles were noticeable at first, or if they appeared later. If they appeared later than you need to double check your mix ratio as it sounds like you may be going too wet. The wetter you work, the more the product will shrink when polymerising.
If the bubbles were there from the onset, chances are your brush still had air in it as you were working.

Good luck
Hey Geek,

Thanks for that. I am going to pick up a few beads and place on old tips for extra practise.

Another cause of bubbles in your product is not letting the product settle down on the nail BEFORE you start to work the bead. In my experience, this is something that is very common with new students.

Pick up your bead.
Place your bead in the correct zone.
Take a deep breath and let the bead settle for a second or two.
Press and smooth the bead into place with firm presses and light smooth strokes.

If you start to work the bead too soon, then you interrupt the polymerization process before it has a chance to get going and this is a prime cause of bubbles too. check what you are doing and make the appropriate changes.
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