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Jul 31, 2006
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done my first set of PopIts yesterday, got air bubbles in about 4 of them though the others were fine- what is the cause of this do you think,i was using about 3 beads which i now see you should only use one big one- is that why i was getting air bubbles.

also what will happen the nails that had the bubbles on them? will they lift?
if you get bubbles it may be that your mix ratio is too wet hun xx:hug:xx
Two things I find work better when using PopIts.

I prefer Moxi (the faster setting) liquid Monomer if you are using CND.
I let the bead 'rest' for a second or two and use only a few firm presses when filling the PopIt rather than allot of patting.
I use one bead as opposed to several whenever possible.
Use a slightly (and I mean only slightly) wetter mix ratio. NOT wet but no powder particles on the bead either.
I use a large brush.

If these hints don't work to your satisfaction with the clear you are using, then use the Perfect Pink.

I hope this helps you achieve an even better result.

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