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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
After proper prep, stickey base coat , two coats of creative enamel i applied northern lights to my client this morning only to find that on three nails the polish bubbled and cracked. I re did the three nails only for it to do it again!!! :mad: What am i doing wrong.

Also whilst on my silk is the box version this is already coming off the backing as i pull it out the box .. then when applying to the nail it doesnt stay down.. even after bond..... this is a brand new box - as i was having the same problem with the silk that came in my fabric# kit so i orded some more...... advice/help needed
usually, if the topcoat does this, it is from putting it on enamel too soon (or enamel that is too thick) as there are still too many solvents in the enamel that cause it to form bubbles.

The silk sounds suspect... maybe contaminated. Call Designer Nails and speak to linda to get it replaced.
Thank you.. i did two thin coats so i'm guessing it was probably too soon..... or top coat too thick thank you grand master....

i'll ring dn monday am thank you.
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