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Sep 22, 2019
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Hello so I’m fairly new to builder gel. Have some regular clients, I’ve had clients with tips who have builder gel and I’ve infilled (buffed gel colour off first) I’ve had clients who have been to previous therapists where the gel is thicker and it’s their natural nails, so I buff the gel off first like I normally do, however I’ve had clients come in for just builder gel on their natural nails and I’ve done the builder so thin under the gel, I just ended up soaking the second time round as I’m scared if I file too much it will effect the nail bed and be sore as the builder is so thin. Hope this makes sense. Looking for advice. X
The confidence will come with experience, you only need to fill off any lifting and debulk the previous stress area so don't make work by filling off more than you need to
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CND Plexigel comes in a Shaper (thinner application and easy soak-off) and Builder that is thicker consistency made for sculpting extensions.

This option may give you the versatility you are looking for,

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