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Feb 16, 2016
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Just started up mobile spray tanning. I have created a Facebook page and advertising it on all the selling sites and spotted sites in the area. Also put it on gumtree and freeads.

What other ways do you guys suggest to get up and running? I've only done family and friends so far to practise on and I'm ready to go now.

How long did it take u all to build up a good client base ?

Thanks x
I made a Facebook group first and added everyone to that. I then asked them to add their friends. I later made a fb page and I use them both now as I find the posts on page alone are limited by Facebook.
I also asked people for before and after pictures or even just after pictures to post, so then people can see your work. Also get people to leave you a review for your tans so far.
I put business cards/leaflets up on notice boards in shops and village halls etc. Keep posting in the selling groups too. Netmums advertising is good and it shows up in google.
Most of my business has come from word of mouth though and since I've started shellac I've been a lot busier with people wanting tan & nails. Good luck with it all! x x
Ah great thank u for that! Is net mums free ?
I'm hoping to do nails in the near future too :) xx

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