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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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I'm sure the chair of BABTAC, Kim C. A. Ford isn't the only one who's happy to hear the latest results from a report carried out by Beautiful Britain. The report shows 1,500 beauty professionals indicating that UK salons will need to create no less than 11,000 new jobs this year to cope with consumer demand.*

This isn't just good news about getting people employed either. This trend will naturally facilitate increased training standards and trading profits for therapists, which can only be a good thing.

"The surge in employment and customer demand for hair and beauty treatments can only be a good thing for our businesses especially amid the recession," says Ford. "These new jobs will result in better trading for therapists and salons as well as a more competitive field when it comes to quality of training and accountability expected. The beauty industry as a sector is one people are really envying at the moment whilst others sadly struggle. Our hard working professionals should feel extra proud today."

There's no doubt that this is good news. Is this something that you as working therapists feel to be true? Are you looking to hire staff to keep up with consumer demand?

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.

*Figure comes from first Beautiful Britain report conducted by hair and beauty supplier Salon Services and is a net figure based on a sample of 1,500 industry professionals surveyed in the UK.


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