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Jun 17, 2012
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hiya geeks,
Ive been looking into Ezflow products and training in the UK and came across the Ezflow website which only has a mobile number on. I've rang it several times over several days and get the same voice mail every time and no response to my message. The site says you can buy online but there's no option to and no prices and not even the option to register/sign in! I found a distributor website (I forgot the name but I think it starts with a G, Granthams maybe? ) but they have a minimum order cost of £50 which is more than im wanting to spend. Its starting to seem very unprofessional and like they aren't really interested in selling their products at all xxxx

You can buy EzFlow products from the Carlton Institute, I don't think they have a minimum order but I'm not 100% sure. Website: Nails - The Carlton Institute

I think you can also buy from graftons by phone: 01827 280 080 or by email: [email protected]. They'll also tell you about training etc. I found them really friendly and helpful when I called. I asked for a catalogue and they sent me one via email along with an order form to see prices.

Sorry you're having a hard time getting info/products :( HTH though :)
Grafton International is the main distributor for EzFlow in the UK and they will be able to tell you if there is a sub distributor for your area.
As for the £50 minimum would you manage to spend less than that?
Buying an acrylic starter kit and a 508 brush would be over that cost, and the 508 brush is the best brush for L&P and worth every penny.
I only wanted a primer and ezbond, its nice to have the option to spend what I like. Thank you for your help I'll give the landline number a call xx

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Just an update guys, I found an address of a local salon that used to distribute ezflow and spoke to one of their trainers and saw her work and shes amazing and has agreed to give me one to one training :) although I still have to spend over £50 on products lol but after finding out the cost of the acrylic brush I wont have a problem with that xxx

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Trust me the EzFlow Master Artist 508 brush is the best! I no longer use EzFlow products as there is no distributor up here in Scotland anymore, but I will always keep using that brush....maybe it's me that needs to worry about the minimum £50 order after all, next time I need a new brush!
I suppose I would just need to get a pro pusher too which is the best prep tool :)

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