Buying glue for strip lashes separate?


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Mar 5, 2011
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hey geeks

sorry i did search this but could only find threads for sp lashes not strip lashes, if you know of a thread please point me in the direction :)

I need a glue for strip lashes which has a good staying power, i'm doing a clients daughters prom make up and its my first ever make up client so want a hassle free time :lol: i find myself that the glue that comes in most lashes isnt very good, the only glue i've ever got on with personally is stargazer eyelash glue but can't seem to find it sold seperatly to the lashes. any ideas?
Hey there,
I use the Mac one called "Duo" & it is FAB!! Hope this helps x
No probs, i love it & wouldn't use anything else now! It's a good sized tube too so lasts for ages! x
Ardell Lashgrip is fab too - we've tried Duo Surgical and the other Duo (waterproof) and have found that Ardell performs equally as well - it's waterproof and it's cheaper, too :lol:

If lashes stay on from 8am through to midnight, with loads of perspiration occuring due to competitive dancing, then it ticks all my boxes :lol:

If you look on the back of the packaging, both Duo and Ardell seem to be manufactured or distributed from the same address in California :wink2:
I use duo too, I noticed Sally's sell it now. Exactly the same one as mac's
ooo thank you so much ladies, i have put them on my list to look for :D

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