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Naily Natural

Feb 19, 2006
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West Yorkshire
Does ne1 know what the hell is happening with Creative? xxxxxxxx:cry::cry::cry::irked:
Why? Is ther going to be another distributor?:irked:
Information will be given when it is available. We are all waiting to find out.
Does this mean CND will not be at prof beauty manchester in oct?
Sorry if you seem to be upset (your "evil" face).

We are all in the same boat as you. No one knows anything. We are currently waiting for an announcement from CND in America as to who their new distributor is.

I am assuming you have read all the previous threads pertaining to this and as is quite obvious this whole situation has generated quite a lot of emotional replies.

Please be patient with the rest of us.
Im not mad my evil face portrayed my wicked side by asking more qestions even tho i had replies to previous ones!!

I am patient and will have to be patient just dont use this site v often so im not hot on finding my way around!

Thanks for your help tho!!:hug:
How about filling in your profile naily natural so we can learn a little bit more about you and what your experience is both with CND and workwise.

You keep starting new threads instead of posting in the thread you have already started. Best not give the moderators too much extra work to do by reading the posting guidelines and doing it correctly. OK? Ta
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