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Sep 30, 2010
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Hi All

I'm still quite new to the nail industry after years as a beauty therapist; just come back from the BeautyUK show and wanted to pick everyone's brains...I've qualified with a bog standard clear gel and now I want to branch out on my own I'm stuck as to what system's the best. Got some info from Calgel who seem great but I don't want to fork out money to train their way if there's another company that offer better or similar etc.

Please can you respond with some answers points as some people on here just comment for the sake of it...and some of it not very nice.

I am a beauty therapist who also does nails, I use Bio Sculpture and Shellac and love both products.

If I was new to nails and looking for the best training and support in the nail industry, I would choose to train with CND via SweetSquared.

They convince me with their integrity and professional approach to providing the best possible training and support.

It may seem quite expensive but the investment will pay off a thousand times. They will provide you with the foundation upon which you can build a nail business.

Use the search button and find out for yourself :)

Jacqui xx
DITO Belllini! just got back myself and was convinced Calgel was the way to go, then i startred reading some reviews to find some negetives, I've just done a Shellac course and love it, but i want to do a nail enhancement course now,theres just sooooo many!!!
Thanks for the replies! I guess it's just a case of finding the ones that work best but with so many on offer....hmm decisions decisions. I'm toying with Shellac myself which I hear is a good money maker. You could spend literally thousands on doing courses and getting stuff - I just want to get it right.

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