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Dec 12, 2011
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I have 2 clients who it doesn't last on but I don't know what else I can do to prevent this happening! I've tried it on myself and it lasted til it grew out & I tried clear overlays on my boyfriend lol as he's a mechanic and really heavy handed so I thought that would really test how long they last and they lasted fine on him! Could it just be down to my clients as my client who had extensions said she is heavy handed and uses her hands a lot at work and is really rough on her nails & my other client who had overlays uses her hands quite a lot and is probably heavy handed because she has 2 horses up at a farm and is always up mucking them out, cleaning them etc, or is it something I'm doing? I prep properly and remove shine, cleanse nail plate to dehydrate and seal the free edge?! Any help appreciated :) x
You have basically answered the question yourself.Yes its what your clients are doing or not doing.

If its only two clients with problems and you are successfully doing others then there really isnt much more you can do.

If most people are having problems then its time to look at things you are doing.Its not Calgel its an excellent long lasting product.

With extensions sculpting lasts better than tips i rarely bother now unless for a mend its much better getting a client to grow their own. 3 weeks with calgel on and they will have a good bit of growth to not need extensions.
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Ive heard off this forum that fly spray (if that gets on the gels) will break the system down. At a guess Im thinking this might the problem for your horse lady too ...
Thanks :) anyone else got any advice?!
My beauty friend said to me that pregnant women and certain medication doesn't allow calgel to last. I agree with this because I have a calgel regular every 3 weeks, they lasted fine. When she got pregnant they just wouldnt last?!
Could this maybe be the case on any of those 2 clients of yours?!

Also...whilst on this subject, I have been doing calgel for about 2-3 years now. Trained in doing the extensions aswel, but didn't feel confident. Having practised on myself and family they seemed to last fine. On 2 of my clients I have done recently with tips they don't last and they say they either snap at the tip or peel off?! One was only done yesterday and she messaged me this morning sayin 2 had come off? Why is this....


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