Calgel tips - Why are they lasting 3 days!


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Jul 6, 2010
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I am pretty new to calgel and I am not having problems with overlays.

The big problem is tips, I have done about 10 sets of tips now, and each time they are popping off after a few days.

I've contacted Calgel and they advised me not to tell clients that tips last around 4 weeks, but could last from 2, 3 or 4 weeks depending on how they look after them and do not knock them about too much. They also told me to go on another course if I am unhappy, but don't want to throw good money after bad.

When the clients come in the tips have come off with no damage to the nail. Should I use a Bonder or something to help them stay on longer.

I have followed all the advice that Calgel have given me, but it is making no difference.

Can anyone suggest a better tip adhesive, bonder, or tips or should I just give up and offer overlays only???

I would love to hear if others are having the same problems, as the therapists I have spoken to have had problems with tips falling off and I even had a client from another salon come in to ask if we could repair the tips as they only lasted a couple of days and didn't have confidence in the last technician, so I know it's not just me
hi ive been doing calgels for 2 and a half years now, i was also struggling with the same,

how many coats of gel are you doing,

i start with the gel on nail and blend in the tip then i apply 2 coats of base and 2 of white or if colour 1 clear 2 to 3 coats of colour depending on the colour and then one coat of clear gel sometimes two, and i have found that makes them last longer

however i also do acrylic and fiberglass and i find the gel isnt as lasting as them but i love gel overlays i have clients that can go 6 weeks with them on?!? x
Its not brilliant over tips if you dont get your stress area strong.I don't use it at all over white tips and if i do use tips its only for short extensions.You have to build up the stress area and do your sausages length ways(i do 2 fingers at a time i then get the client to hold their hand upside down and then cure quickly.
Calgel is best as an overlay or you can sculpt extensions.
I sell Calgel as a system that will let clients have their own nails.They will usually have overlays on their very short nails and then 3 weeks later when they come back their nails have grown to a length that they dont need to have them extended.
For longer extensions and white tips i use a hard Gel.
You may not want to pay for extra training but you will find all the best techs do and all the best companies provide extra training.You need to invest for success.
i agree with gillian

i found that sculpturing is alot stronger

also i tryed using gel with white tips and they didnt last you need a good trong tip that blends

i suggest to clients to start with overlays because they work so much better and grow so quickly
Thanks Ladies,

I think I am gonna take the tip application off of my price list. It's not worth the hassle and bad reputation.

I agree the overlays on natural nails look fab and I'm not having problems with them. I will also do some additional training so I can get my overlays absolutely spot on!
Honestly, I hate calgel when it comes to sculpts/tips. It's too flimsy, and the amount of gel I have to use to build a strong enough apex just isn't worth it.

If you decide to give extensions a try again, you could try using a builder gel from another company. I really like Christrio's Gelaquer builder gel. It's nice and thick and doesn't yellow. Just use Calgel as a base, and then build your apex with that instead.
try your hardest to sculpt bio & calgel i personally wouldnt use over tips it tears at the sides and just doenst have the strength.

Sulpts you can make nice and thin but are really really STRONG!:D

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