Can a mobile therapist succeed without offering nails?


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lisa pink

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May 22, 2011
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Hi all I'm thinking of going mobile I'm a qualified therapist and currently do nails too, my area is flooded with nails techs and also I have an allergy to gel polish acrylic ect use gloves but fed up with constantly having sore hands. Can you run a successful mobile buisness doing other treatments? What would be the best to offer ? X
My area is saturated with nail techs too. I have decided therefore to make my main focus massage but I also offer facials, manicures and pedicures too but aim to push the luxury versions of these which include massage.
I'm only just starting up though xxx
If you are good at whatever you do you will be a success...push the treatments you want to do...go for it! Xx
My best friend is beauty therapist and while she wasn't mobile she didn't do nails. Hated doing them. Her main services were massage, which clients paid a lot of money for and very regular. Waxing and eyebrow wax/tinting. Most of her income came from the massages though. Unreal she is at them.
You could try it without and see what happens. But as pp has said if you provide a great service using quality products clients will come back to you and pay good money! While there are loads of nail techs about, how many are properly trained and qualified? How many are using professional quality products?
You should consider spray tans - Quick and easy!
Thankyou for your replies I'm in a bit of a dilemma of what to do I currently rent a space in a hair salon but he's selling up so need to decide in next 4 weeks. Xx
Massage is a great treatment to offer : low overheads and top earnings however I think it takes a lot out of you physically. What about specialising in something like waxing or lashes?
I love doing massage but physically it is very demanding xxx
I'm thinking of getting into lash extensions again, started doing them a couple of years ago just on friends and family but found it too slow so went down the nail route but now I feel I'm ready to start again. Do you mobile lash techs find it ok as a mobile treatment? What type of lightning do you use? X

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