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Aug 7, 2006
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Isle of Wight
Hi, Im a Beauty/Holistic therapist, and Im absolutly useless with hair, I dont have a clue. Anyway, I used to have high lights in my natural hair, tint not bleach, then I decided I wanted to go dark again, I went to a different hairdresser than usual (big mistake!) I wanted it dark brown but when the girl finished it was black, so I went back to my normal hairdresser (In tears) and she stripped some of the colour out and put a semi permenant on which went sort of orange/red. So I have been washing my hair in all sorts for the last 3 months, fairy liquid, anti dandruff, been going swimming regularly, anything Ive been told strips colour Ive tried. Its faded so much it looks like my natiral colour now, you cant see my roots so I can live with it. I really want some highlights put back in though, but I dont want bleach, my hairdresser doesnt want to use bleach either because of the condition of my hair. Will it ever be faded enough to put highlights in or will I have to wait years for it to grow out???
So many hairdressers have told me different things
Its really hard to give advice when you cannot see the hair and its condition. Because of the chemical processes it has had and the swimming/fairy liquid/bad shampoo etc I would guess the hair is not in great shape :cry: I would personally suggest you have a course of intensive conditioning treatments and some cut off and leave it awhile, until at least the majority has grown out. If you are really desperate then get your hairdresser to do a few strand tests with different colour products to assess it more clearly.If there is tint still in the hair, it wont lift with anything other than a bleach or tint specifically designed to lift on tint. If your hairdresser is nervous about putting anything on it, then be led by her advice, she sounds like she has good reason to be nervous! :)
So it will never lift?
Do wella do a tint that will lift tint?
So it will never lift?
Do wella do a tint that will lift tint?

Hi, I totally agree with sophisticutz , Tint will not lift tint ,
Wella high lift ones may still leave it orange tinged ,
So go to the hairdressers ask them to do some test pieces with bleach as it is the only thing that lifts tint, you may be able to achieve a nice blonde and the condition may be ok.
Then you could have your blonde highlights and light brown put in between ,
(all depending on the condition):hug:

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