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May 3, 2004
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The inevitable has happened. I had my 2nd new customer booked in for 11am this morning. There was me - all prepared, waiting patiently and raring to go when, low and behold, at 10.50, she called to say she couldn't make it as she had a problem with her car. I asked if she couldn't even come along a little later and she said no that wouldn't be possible and could she call me Monday to reschedule. I paused a little and said OK call me Monday and then she went on to explain that she hit another car. Well, as you can imagine, I'm full of mixed feelings - disappointment, suspicion, guilt for feeling suspicious that anyone would kid about a car accident, and then concern for her. Oh dear, I suppose it is all part of the parcel. I think I'll tackle my own nails instead! (Now I'm so curious to see if she calls to reschedule on Monday.)
but dont you always find it is some terrible reason why they cant come in. I now how you feel I try to say to myslef that the next time I will charge my cancellation fee but I still havnt and yesterday I had both appointments cancel this morning.

I think it is the bigest down side to this job
i would def make it clear about the cancellation fee so people wont waste your time let us know if she does call u back xx
Hi chris i know how u feel i have had 10am clients ring me at 10 to say they cant make it its so annoying Wait till u get your 10am client ring to say she cant do 10 but can u fit her in at 7pm on sat eve no chance love my job but love my family
Well i can relate to that: i had a client who cancelled me 3 mins before the appointment then has the cheek to text me (not call me!) on sat eve. to ask if i'll do her nails the next day!! As Jackie says, love my job but a Sunday?? Only for special clients!!

Chris, make sure that whenever you do a new client, you hand her a copy of your price list which clearly states about your policy for cancellations. You can use your discretion but its there if you want to enforce it. This is definitely a downside to our job (as well as clients taking the micky with saying nails have miraculously pinged off in the middle of the night, lol).
At least they phoned and cancelled. The worst ones are those who can't be bothered to let you know. I had a client cancel just before her appointment who said her son was ill. Felt a bit miffed, but being a mum tried to understand. How guilty did I feel when she came in for her next appt to say she had phoned me from the ambulance as her son had a ruptured appendix! ......... It is one of those really aggravating parts of the job, and I have learnt to look at a week's bookings at the end of the week, rather than what is in the book at the beginning - it works both ways.
I too can relate girls, in our spa we have an excellent cancellation policy. I know most of you work at home, but our spa has a huge reception area, and we do computer bookings so that everything is in the system. Well, when folks call to book appts. we ask for their credit card # to hold the appt. (No credit card-No appt.) This is to ensure who is serious about our services or not. If the client doesn't show up or cancels at the last 24 hours before their appt. we automatically charge their card. This has been very effective in keeping down the riff-raff. A similar thing you can do is institute your own cancellation policy, and require the client to pay for the missed service before they receive another service from you. Don't worry about offending people, because this shows them that you value your time, and don't want it wasted. The time that that client booked could've been booked for someone else! I love our policy, because when people no-show, or cancel, I still get paid half of their service cost.

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