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Hi Geeks,

So today I had client in who booked for her nails and facials for her and her mum...value of booked treatments would be £79.

Two days before appointment I text client an appointment reminder to which she replied "great we are looking forward to coming!"

This morning client arrived on her own stating her mum "couldn't make it, sorry" I lost out £28 for the facial not carried out.

This happens occasionally when clients get carried away booking treatments they'd like but when it comes to it often can't afford or decide against, however it means that last minute I'm out of pocket and it's too late to fill the appointment!

So,I thought I'll have to start taking deposits...BUT,even if I'd taken a 50% deposit of £40 upon booking,surely then the client would just pay the balance of her £56 for treatments carried I'd still lose the £28!?

Am I being daft or missing something here,how do you all deal with this issue?? I will add a polite notice to my online page and maybe a little note stapled in pricelist perhaps??

Thank you xx
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When I take a deposit for multiple services if they choose not to have one then they lose the deposit for that. I don’t allocate it towards the other services they still have.
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I invoice them and send them the invoice on both email and by regular post if they cancel later than 24 hours of their appointment or no-show. I'll show some gesture of goodwill if it's a regular and they have a good reason. But people who just mess me about - I invoice the hell out of them lol. I think this is common practice and perfectly accepted within Scandinavia, so it might just be different where you live. Anyone else in Norway or even Sweden here who do this? :)