Candy themed nail room, ideas?


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Aug 18, 2013
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Pinjarra, Western Australia
I'm about to move into my new house and set up first ever nail room, I'm thinking of making it candy themed (I love a good theme!), need some inspiration! What do people think?
This could be fabulous, it could also be a bit baby girls bedroom. A Pinterest board would be a great way of getting ideas together, you can see from there if the idea works. If love to see it come together! X
I'm so full of ideas lol
How exciting, a new home salon! If a candy theme is what you want, then by all means go for it.

Just keep in mind that it may be a bit limiting to your clientele, so it depends who your market is going to be. You might find that you get the younger ones for lots of crazy art, etc. But you mightn't get a lot of the older/business clients who just want nice nails in sleek surroundings?

It may also date more quickly?
It could look amazing if done well or really tacky if done wrong. Also as mentioned above it will attract a certain type of clientele and put others off so depends what kind of business you want to run
Mmm maybe I'm getting carried away lol I'm thinking of willy wonky style candy theme room... Might need to tone it down a bit, maybe just keep it white with pops of candy colors in the decor. The walls are a neutral beige and I won't be re painting them so it won't be too garish lol although I'd love candy stripe pink walls... My plan was to theme the room and name my business Candy Coated Nails and Beauty, with the idea they would go together, now I'm a bit worried I won't attract the older (probably more reliable) clientele...
Hmm what to do.........
I think it could be done to include your chosen theme & still look classy & attract all ages.. You could have a canvas made or pictures of your name & pictures of, say for instance a set of nails themed with sweets, cupcakes, candy canes etc & have sweet jars/bowls of sweets & lollies on your work station? subtle, but still includes your theme?
I absolutely love it !
Go for it x
My dining room is similar theme x
I have apothecary jars with multi coloured sweet its
And cute pics up x
You could have the small apothecary jars in it with your essentials in xx
If you put your mind to this it could look amazing xx
Ill post some pics if i come across some x

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