Can't get a trade account for Decleor & Elemis help!


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Feb 22, 2010
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Im a mobile beauty therapist and have contacted Elemis and Decleor who have advised that they dont do trade accounts for mobile therapists which I think is stupid.
Does anyone know any suppliers that sell these products and know if I can get a trade account with them to buy either Elemis or Decleor?

Thanks for your help

It's not a stupid reason because both of these ranges are huge, there is no way a therapist could take the whole product range out to every client.

There is no other way to get the products unless you just buy them at retail price but then you won't have access to the training or the professional products.

Are there any other ranges you like ?
Nope - you can only buy professional products from Decleor direct. Whilst you may think it's stupid there are quite obvious reasons, such as the sheer number of products would be unwieldy to carry about mobile, they wouldn't get much in the way of retail and it would make it difficult to ensure you don't get product saturation in one locale. A large issue is also control of image, they have always been a salon and spa brand.
Spooky - posted at the same time with similar opinions!!!

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