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May 19, 2011
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Any one trained with these?? X x x
search for it on here...there are loads of posts.

i did my level 2 with them and it does what it says on the tin in this respect but for what it's worth, i did all of my other training at various colleges because it was a lot less stressful being in an environment where i could have access to more resources and tutor supervision.
Colleges don't do short courses though (mine doesn't) the next course is september which is ages away :0( I want to do something now hehe x
that's exactly why i went with the carlton institute.

it took me 9 months to do the level 2 because if you want the nvq qualifiction you have to do the paper work and case studies at home. So it doesn't mean that you'll necessarily get qualified faster but certainly sooner if that's what you seek.

i recommend white rose college (google it). I'm not sure if there's one near you but they run courses as a college would but because they are private they have courses starting throughout the year.
Fab thanks hun il google it. I'm based in the south west so il check it out x