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Dec 6, 2007
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I'm so sick & tired of my employer having posters & questionaires of the Customer Excellence Awards making out shes something shes not & that Her salon has award winning potentials when its far from it. I mean how stupid can one person be to give their credit card details over the phone to this company, correct me if i'm wrong but if you've been nominated for an award then why do you have to pay over £40+ in order to get the poster/questionaires to say you've been nominated, in essence your paying for it. I can't believe she fell for it in the first place i had my suspisions when she told me about it & its no wonder noones contacted her about it, because its all a big con. Yet everytime clients come into the salon she goes on about it, how its so nice to be nominated and that a judge will be coming to see us and we get awarded points in certains aspects of our service & thats how the decision is made.
Curiosity got the better of me so i decided to search the internet & also the Professional Beauty Magazine November 07 Edition i read the exact article about 3,000 salons been targed by the CEA people and how they are all furious about it being a scam & only lady tried to stop the payment being taken out of her account then realized two payments had been taken out not one.
When i showed my employer this, she said 'oh well' its still nice for client's to think we have been nominated & now its like shes decided to blank it all out and continue with the lie. I just think its time she took down the posters she paid for because clients are now intrested & will keep on asking about it but now when they ask she says that a mystery shopper is going to be going round salons but it will take awhile to go round all 3,000 so will may not know untill next year.
Shes even put an advert in the newspaper mentioning that our salon has been nominated for a CEA Award when she knew it wasn't true, yet what annoys me the most is that shes says at our salon we dont put on no airs & graces we are an honest, reliable salon.
Am i going overboard about it or do you think im right to feel its wrong for her to cheat our clients into believing this is true.
There are far too many scams out there :irked: for unsuspecting and innocent salon owners like myself. Over the past 19 years we think we've seen them all only to see yet another angle played to con hard earned money out of gullable owners. Unfortunately some people do get sucked in otherwise the scammers would not exist. In this case we had also received a phone call to tell us we had been nominated for the SME awards but being a computer addict I googled the award - initially I only got the results these scammers want you to see - those they put online themselves - but I went further and found evidence that they are only really giving out awards for cash. This really makes me angry :mad: as it undermines the beauty industry's credibility especially if clients are also taken in by such bogus posters and certificates that falsely claim merit that a salon may not deserve.

I can understand your boss having paid out for this wanting to get something back from it but only hope that your salon can live up to the claim made because people will vote with their feet no matter how much false info is given out by your salon. :wink2:

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