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Mar 28, 2010
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North West
hi, just been on celebrity elite web site as i need some hair for my extensions on thursday, when i clicked on the hair i wanted and looked for the colours 613 was on the list but no 16. could anybody tell me why that would be? does that mean its not in stock?
sorry guys i'm a naill geek so any help i would be grateful for and also maybe anywhere else that stocks celebrity elite hair that i could maybe order from
Thanks xx
Hi Jinxy,
Which type of hair were you ordering , pre tipped or weft?
Not all colours are available in the prebonded. They do try to remove colours that are out of stock from the drop down menu but i always put a littl note in the message part on order to ask if they do actually have in stock as sometimes they do. Failing that call them on monday and they wil let you know. The other sites you used to be able to but CE online no longer seem to be selling it .
Hair Express in Manchester sell the pre bonded packs and lots of wefts, however its more expensive than the Celebrity Elite site.I bought quite a few packs whilst I was there so he reduced the price for me. Im so glad I went as when my Celebrity Elie colour ring arrived, the colours on the ring were not even close to the hair that was in the packs!! Have done a couple of fittings, just waiting to see how the hair holds up...as I stuggle to find decent light colours that remain in good condition. I did phone the celebrity elite office, and i do have to say that I wasnt impressed at all, I asked the lady if the hair was double drawn, and she asked me what it meant! Needless to say, I drove to Manchester to find out for myself! . Hope this helps ;-)

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